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New Dedicated NTP Support Website Now Available

NTP Technology ‘DigitalAudioSupport.com’ Includes Downloads, Forum and Knowledge Base

NTP Technology are proud to introduce a brand-new international support website that aims at gathering all support and knowledge based info in a single destination.

Moving forward, all software and firmware releases for Penta and DAD products will be available at this new site.

In addition, it serves as a source for inspiration, as many of the articles and videos will also offer tips and ideas on how to create, integrate and now least optimize your audio infrastructure – and ultimately improve your daily workflow in recording studio, post production, film mixing, broadcast or live applications.

Finally, there is also a forum where you can ask NTP and other users your questions or simply share tips and tricks that you find useful.
Check out the new support resources from NTP!

Visit DigitalAudioSupport.com Now!