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New DADman Software and Firmware Available from Digital Audio Denmark

DADman Software & Firmware Updates

DADman Control SoftwareVersion of our DADman control software is now ready, as well as updated Thunderbolt3 drivers for MacOS Core Audio and ASIO for Windows and a firmware update for our Thunder|Core series.

We’re glad to introduce an updated version of our DADman control software that will benefit all users of AX32, DX32, AX64, Core 256, AX Center, MTRX, MTRX Studio and now also MTRX II.

NEW! Clone Setting

It is now possible to clone (copy) settings from one unit to another. Either between two connected units or by extracting the settings from a settings file and applying these to a connected unit. Cloning is only allowed between units within the same family. The following 3 family groups exist:

  • MTRX, AX32, DX32, Penta 720, Penta 721 and Penta 721s
  • MTRX II, AX64, AX Center and Core 256
  • MTRX Studio

Ideally the 2 units should be identical in configuration (same type of cards in the same slots). All settings for cards in the target unit, that do not have a similar card present in the same slot position in the settings source, will be set to factory default values.


New firmware for AX64, AX Center, Core 256 and MTRX II now supports DADLink

DADLink is a new proprietary interface by DAD. It uses the Madi Mini Module equipped with optical SFP modules to transfer up to 128 channels @ 48 kHz, 64 channels @ 96 kHz or 32 channels @ 192 kHz per link. The link rate is 312.5 MHz.

The links are “zero” latency (approx.1 micro second) between the connected units meaning that all inputs and outputs are phase aligned provided the Digi delay is set to the same value in the two or more units connected via DADLink. For proper alignment of inputs and outputs it is recommended that either DADLink or WCLK is used as the sync source between the unit set as Clock leader and the unit(s) set as follower.

Finally, we have released new Thunder|Core Thunderbolt 3 drivers for MacOS, as well as an ASIO driver for Windows, which introduces a stand-alone configuration application.

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