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DADman Software
Control DAD Interfaces


DADman is a software application for control of the DAD, Penta and Avid MTRX AD/DA converters/routers. DADman v.5.x can run on both Windows or MAC OS X operating systems. DADman 5.x supports control of the following products:

  • DAD AX32R
  • DAD DX32R
  • Penta 720
  • Penta 721
  • Avid MTRX
  • Avid MTRX Studio


  • Complete control of the interface parameters
  • A/D Analogue Input and Mic pre control
  • D/A output level control
  • Routing Matrix control
  • Settings configuration
  • Controls multiple units
  • Avid(TM) Eucon and PRE compatible
  • Flexible Monitor control configuration
  • Pro | Mon monitor control (optional)
  • Cue | Mix zero latency mixer

Download DADman in the NTP International Site Software Download section.

DADman Software Screen


DADman Optional Summing Mixer

  • 256 x 32 mono channels
  • Gain control
  • Redundancy summing
  • Stereo to mono summing
  • Surround to stereo fold-down
  • Silence detection on all inputs and outputs
  • PPM on all inputs and outputs

Download DADman in the NTP International Site Software Download section.


DADman Summing Mixer Software Screen

Getting Started with the DADman Control Software Video

DADman Software Videos

The DADman software for DAD and Penta products is exactly the same software used in the Avid MTRX and MTRX Studio. Avid have published an Overview video of DADman, and Westlake Pro have also done a series of videos featuring DADman that you might find informative....

Avid DADman Matrix Overview Video

Westlake ProWestlake Pro Videos Featuring DADman Software

In this series of videos Westlake Pro go into depth about how to setup and operate the DADman software. Although they reference the MTRX the software also applies to the DAD and Penta range.