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Blackburst Lydteknik Uses AX32 to Capture Live Music for National Broadcaster

The Danish public broadcaster DR 1 has just initiated a brand-new concept that involves live performances. And for the first episode, AX32 was present on the stage.

Blackburst Lydteknik

In short, the program ‘Helt Lyrisk’ is all about letting already-established artists compose new music for existing poetry – also created by established poets in Denmark. And it is truly amazing how different the same starting point – the lyrics – can turn out once each artist has added chords, rhythm and notes to it!

The audio was recorded by Blackburst Lydteknik and Frederik Rosenkjær, who used an AX32 with analog input cards right on the stage to ensure that the analog cable runs to the mic pres were as short as possible.

User Story Coming Up

We actually visited Frederik Rosenkjær in his studio recently for a chat about how he integrates his AX32 in his workflow that is part live applications and part studio. So, please stay tuned for more, as a dedicated user story is in the making. 

OK, back to ‘Helt Lyrisk’. Please check out the two different versions of the Danish poet Michael Strunge’s lyrics with music by Poul Krebs and Bro right here: