AD/DA Converter & Digital Audio Matrix

AX32R | AD/DA Converter & Digital Audio Matrix


AX32R is an audio routing centerpiece, digital format converter, world-class AD/DA converter and monitor controller. Quite simply, AX32R changes seamlessly between workflows in seconds, optimizing your production time and efficiency.

With the AX32R you get pristine AD and DA conversion with superb sonic quality, versatile I/O structure and IP Audio via Layer 3 Ethernet (Dante) that follows the track of the AX24R with an enhanced performance in terms the sonic quality of the AD andDA conversion, up-to 48 analogue audio channels and a flexible digital signalinterface, routing and distribution structure.

With all I/O card and options installed, you can control a 1,500 x 1,500 matrix of audiochannels. 8 I/O cards and 2 I/O modules can be installed. Just imagine the flexibility and swift change between workflows you would have right at yourfingertips.

All operation and functional control is managed via the DADman control software.

AX32R DADman Cards
DAD AX32R Front
DAD AX32R Rear


  • Versatile digital interface structure
  • Easy control of converter parameters
  • 8 to 48 analogue channels
  • 8 channels on a card. Up-to 6 analogue card can be installed
  • 8 ch. Line in AD card and 8 ch. Line/Mic pre in AD card
  • 8 ch. Line out DA card with output level control
  • Sample rates 44.1 kHz up-to 384 kHz/DSD
  • High precision internal clock and PLL


  • Dante 128 ch. I/O Card w/ SRC
  • 8 AES3 I/O interfaces
  • MADI coax and optical I/O
  • 3G SDI embedded audio I/O
  • Ethernet IP audio interface for 64 I/O channels using Dante™
  • Synch via word clock, AES11, Video, and all digital I/O
  • Adapt to incoming sample rate


  • Operation via DADman control software for Windows and OSX
  • Ethernet control interface
  • Compliant with the Dante Ethernet controller

AX32R Brochure PDF


  • 8 AES3 I/O on two D25 connectors with16 mono channels
  • MADI I/O on BNC connectors with 64 mono channels
  • Interface for IP Ethernet control

If you would like to use AX32R as a 64-channel interface for Pro Tools (TM), you would have to use Avid’s MTRX, which is essentially an AX32R with the addition of DigiLink connectivity. Learn More About Avid MTRX Here


A total of 8 card slots are available in the chassis frame. You can use 6 slots for analog cards each with 8 channels for a total of up to 48 AD/DA input and outputs.

  • 8 ch. Line pristine A/D card
  • 8 ch. Mic/Line pristine A/D card
  • 8 ch. pristine D/A card
  • Dante 128 ch. I/O Card w/ SRC
  • Dual SDI/HD/3G 2×16 ch. emb/deembed. card w/ SRC
  • 8 Line AES3 16 ch. I/O Card w/ SRC
  • Dual MADI 128 ch. I/O Card

In addition to the expansion slot cards, you can also expand the mainframe chassis with:

  • Dante IP audio on two redundant RJ45 connectors with 64 mono I/O channels
  • 2 x 64 ch. of MADI on either optical or coaxial connectors

Finally, you can allocate one or more expansion slots for the SPQ Speaker Processing DSP card that offer no additional I/O capability, but a staggering 1,024 individual EQ filters for speaker room correction on up to 128 channels.

Award-Winning Producers Talk About DAD AX32R

Top Grammy® Award-Winning METAlliance Engineers and Producers Talk About Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) Interfaces. During the Oct 2017 METAlliance Academy event at Power Station at BerkleeNYC, the METAlliance founders, Al Schmitt, Ed Cherney, Chuck Ainlay, Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti and George Massenburg, took time out to talk on-camera about the transparency and sound quality of the DAD AX32R audio interface…

AX32R Review – Pro Tools Expert – 4 Videos

Play the first video, the other parts follow on. Or click the links below. Check out this YouTube 4-video series from Pro Tools Expert where Julian looks at…

Julian concludes:

“The quality is faultless….The preamps are amazing….Huge I/O available….Highest quality clocking as good as any master clock you could buy….The most awesome center piece to any HDX studio…Completely uncompromising in terms of its capabilities….I absolutely love it.”


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