Cards for Penta 720, 721 and DAD AX32

I/O, Processing Cards and Modules


Penta 720, Penta 721s and DAD AX32 I/O and DSP Card Videos

You can expand Penta and DAD interfaces in many different ways. We have created 11 short videos, focusing on each of the expansion options, and gathered them on a YouTube playlist to provide a quick overview.

Go to the Video Playlist on YouTube.

Here are the 11 video titles including an introduction to all the cards…

  • Introducing the Expansion Cards
  • Dante / AES67 Expansion Card
  • SDI Embed / De-Embed Expansion Card
  • Dual MADI I/O Expansion Card
  • AES Expansion Card
  • Analog Input Card
  • Analog Out Expansion Card
  • Audio Delay Card
  • Dante Option Module
  • Dual MADI Option Module
  • SFP MADI Modules

Here are the videos…

Penta 720 and DAD AX32 Software and Settings Stored on the Base Unit Video

Software for the expansion cards is stored on the Penta 720 and AX32 base unit? This makes it so much easier to swap a card, as the correct firmware for the card will automatically be loaded from the mainframe when you power up after a swap. Even the card settings are stored on the base unit with the single exception of the Dante card. Apart from that, no additional configuration is needed after installing a new card.